Monday, June 17, 2013

Horticouture: Arrangement Of The Week

How about "Horticouture" as the Arrangement of the Week series title? Is it too Real Housewives sounding? Be honest!

But more importantly, it's time to talk flowers! On Saturday, I headed to my parents' house for a little Father's Day q.t. I wasn't quite sure what the arrangement of this week would be since we were going out of town but I did know my father's yard would not disappoint. Dad majored in Horticulture at NC State back in the day and was a landscaper straight out of college. He and his sister, my aunt, have planted some serious plant knowledge (get it?? planted!) in my brain. Dad had several beautifully blooming hydrangea bushes going in his yard, among other things.

I found it interesting that one of Dad's hydrangeas was blooming blue and the other pink when they were RIGHT next to each other. The acidity of the soil affects the color of a hydrangea bloom so you would think two plants next to each other would be the same color. I decided to make that cool color different the highlight of this week's otherwise plain and simple bouquet. Pink blooms acted as the base layer while traditional blue blooms filled in the center...

By the way, it turned out that the pink blooms were still in their pots. Hence, the difference in color. 

Remember when you arrange your backyard blooming hydrangeas to keep them out of the hot sun, even indoors. Indirect light or even some shade are better for these pretty blooms. When we left this arrangement outside during a marathon fishing excursion on Sunday, we came back to very limp and droopy flowers and leaves. Keep them in a shady spot to avoid the same fate! 

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