Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lake House Living Room

My parents have lived in their home on the Tar River Reservoir for almost 31 years. We moved in when I was about five months old and they have been their ever since! It's a wonderful lake house, derived from an old Southern Living floor plan, that's centered around the views of the water. But after years of big, crazy dogs running in and out and two acrobatic children (Flips over the back of the couch aren't okay??!) some of the upholstery needs a little TLC. I got inspired by this cool Mulberry fabric I had seen around the 'net a time or two and had fun from there. I can see their big arm chair upholstered in the Mulberry Flying Ducks fabric, their sofa in either the tweed or the herringbone and then we'll paint an accent wall behind the couch on of the two Benjamin Moore colors. They already have a rustic leather love seat and hunter green grasscloth installed behind the built-in bookcases. The vaulted ceilings are cedar and all of the wood moldings match that cedar's blonde-ish tone. Do you think this combo looks good and lake house-y?

When I sent this board to Mom, she said she liked it but needed to see a pop of color. Agreed! We don't want the room to feel too muddy or dark. It should still be fun. I mean, hello, there are giant flying ducks in there! What color would be a good pop in there? I am thinking either a rich aqua or a playful salmon...

via Etsy

via Etsy

Mom and Dad also have a really fun sunroom that needs a little attention so I played around with that too...

Since most of the fabrics in this room faded over time, I made sure to check out outdoor fabrics that could stand the sunlight. I am loving the jungle print combined with the the trellis. I had also chosen a jute rug for their space but Dad apparently can't stand them. Tiger is way more fun anyway. What do you think? Any ideas or tips for us? The real trick will be getting Dad on board with investing in a little update... ;) 

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