Monday, December 9, 2013

Hen Night In

Hello, dear readers! Did you all have excellent weekends? I sure hope so! It was a cold and rainy one here in Southeastern NC, the perfect time to stay in...with a bunch of hens. Yes, hens... 

Hooper Patterson and Ann Schutte, the lovely ladies behind Birds of a Feather Design, gave their readers, clients and the public a chance to do just that with their grand opening of The Coop, a collection of furnishings and household accessories curated by Hooper and Anne themselves. They held their grand opening party, Hen Night In, on Saturday night and it was tons of fun! We all got a chance to check out unique artwork, fabulous furniture, gorgeous rugs and special accessories. The Coop has the luxurious and lovely feel of a designer showcase without the exclusivity and delays. You see something you like? You buy it right then and there and walk out the door with it. Instant gratification! Just check out some of the great vignettes we saw Saturday night.

In love with this rug and coffee table combination! 

This shelf was gorrrrgeous and I sadly watched it find a home with someone else. Can't win 'em all! 

With all this fabulosity, you know I wasn't walking out of there empty handed! I told my beau that all I wanted for Christmas was to go shopping at The Coop and bring home some goodies. (Oh and a Nutri Bullet but that's not nearly as fun to blog about.) I went in specifically seeking a badass etching framed in lucite and hoping to find a small end table. Of course, I found that and more! After calming myself down and getting a grip, I narrowed it down to the etching, a vintage-style porcelain camel, whom I've affectionately named Camille, and a STUNNING lucite and faux ostrich ottoman. I've spent 24 hours playing with my Christmas toys and know we will live together in harmony forever and ever.

Camille's new perch!

If you missed out on The Coop Saturday night, don't worry. The Coop will be open today from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and into the rest of the week. Thanks to Hooper and Ann for a cluckin' good time and some fabulous goodies! 


  1. Love everything you got and the lucite bench looks very happy in her new home! Loved getting to meet you!! Sissy

    1. Loved meeting you, Sissy! Hope to see you again soon. And if the lucite bench ever loses her luster, you're my first phone call!


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