Monday, October 7, 2013

Underpinnin' Honesty

Brenda Strong as Sue Ellen, "The Braless Wonder" on Seinfeld via YouTube

Ladies, I'm about to get personal with you. If you don't want to talk underpinnings, then exit now... 

Have you ever felt a little bit like Sue Ellen Mischke from "Seinfeld"? (If you're unfamiliar, see here.) After noticing my chest was splayed out across my biceps in barre class and feeling like some of my tops weren't fitting right, I took a trip to the old lingerie department for a fitting. No, it's not my favorite bit of human interaction but it is a necessary one as a lady. I'll spare you the details of my personal experience- just know that I had been buying the wrong sized bra for years and realized I was in need of a major overhaul. 

While it's tempting to fully restock your entire lingerie drawer in this panicked state, it's also EXPENSIVE. There are so many different options: push-up, demi cup, bralette, multiway, oy vey! I've taken a little time to gather my thoughts and develop the underpinning essentials guide. Hopefully it helps you and me stay on task in the sea of lace and silk at Dillard's or wherever you happen to be shopping.

Weekend Bras (top to bottom): Wacoal B Fitting Bralette & Wacoal Halo Bra

Once you've acquired the essentials, normally in nude and black, then you can start adding in fun bras in different colors, patterns and fabrics. Y'all, there are so many options in the world. It's kind of overwhelming. So go into your shopping war zones with a P.O.A. and conquer the battle of the bosoms with confidence!

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