Thursday, October 17, 2013

Life's Luxuries


If I could have one little luxury in life, it would be a driver. And the driver would specifically be Ryan Gosling from "Drive." It's not that I don't like driving- I actually enjoy it. But every single day, I swear, on my way to work I either get stuck behind a car going less than 20 mph, catch every red light (mind you, I only go through THREE stoplights and somehow never make green) or sit and wait for a truck and trailer to get outta the dern way. I need a fearless, skillful stunt driver to weave me quickly and safely out and around these slow downs and get me to work before I'm five minutes late yet again. (And, yes, I leave with enough time to get to work.) It would also allow me to look at my morning Instagram feed without breaking any laws.

So, Ryan Gosling from "Drive," if you're reading this post, please let me know your availability. I pay in hugs, thank-yous and endless opportunities to walk dogs.

PS- Can I borrow your jacket? It's so Proenza Schouler Fall 2012.

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