Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday's Look For Less: Striped Sweaters

I am a slack blogger and I know it. Thanks for still tuning in during these sporadic post times. My real world job has kept my full attention as of late and when I'm not at work, I'm pretty much worthless. For those reasons, the posts on S-F will not be any fluff pieces just to have a post for the day. They'll discuss topics that I actually feel are relevant, interesting and/or inspiring. Don't give up on me yet though! There are some good ones in the queue...just need the timing to be right. 

So enough with my chit-chat. Take a look at these two gems. Three cheers for sweater season! 

Both of these sweaters look so cute and cozy. The sweater on the left is from J.Crew and costs $98. Considering J.Crew runs a 25% off sale every other week, you should be able to score this piece for even less. The option on the right by 3.1 Phillip Lim rings up at a stifling $475. But if you liiiiiive in sweaters and take good care of them, then it might be worth the investment to you. It's not to me here at the 78-degree North Carolina coast but I might consider dropping some dough if I lived up North...and it was on sale!

Stay tuned for more. It's a quality not quantity situation around here these days...

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