Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wednesday's (Late) Look For Less

Holy smokes. Yesterday was Wednesday and I FORGOT! Today, I bring you Wednesday's Look for Less one day late. Sorry about that but hopefully this one is worth the wait!

Do you love lucite? I sure as heck do. I used to think a lucite clutch was a stupid thing- why would I want everyone to see my purse bits? But then I realized that lucite goes with everything, is always in season and there are clever ways to disguise the surprises inside. Consider this an opportunity to flash your cool coin purse or a snazzy iPhone case.

These lucite clutches have a retro vibe but also feel thoroughly modern. Would you ever be able to tell which of these is $900 and which is $90? The answer might surprise you. The bag with the bamboo pouch (see- clever way to disguise your goods!) is a Charlotte Olympia creation for a whopping $895. The $98 option by Collective Habit is the clutch in the middle. I happen to love its gold clasp. And if you want to opt for a bag that costs somewhere in between, the orange CC Skye bag rings up at $255. From those descriptions, does my choice seem transparent? (Bad pun alert.)

How do you feel about a lucite clutch? Is your love for it as clear as mine? (Badum-ching!) 

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