Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bend It Like Beckham or Own It Like Olivia

Most of us style lovers (or at least those of us who visit this realm of the blogosphere) envy Olivia Palermo's style. Her NYC street style has been pinned up and down and chronicled all over. I love when I find an image of her and it almost seems achievable! Today I wanted to share with you an image I came across last night and the pieces you can use to achieve her look. 

image via Rags To Riches
Striped Tee (on sale!)
Shorts (on sale!)
Flats (on sale!)

While you may be saying to yourself, "But it's winter time," you might want to check the weather where you are. In the South, our weekend forecast shows 70's! An outfit like this one is the perfect option for a warm winter day or a great transitional look come spring. A boatneck striped tee is a classic along with the contrasting red nail polish and tortoise shell link cuff. You'll never tire of any of those pieces. Then inject a little interest with high waisted shorts, a studded bag and an unexpected pop of color at the feet. Tres chic!

Hopefully you also notice that many of these pieces are on sale sale sale! Who loves you, baby?? And I couldn't withhold this valuable piece of information from you: the flats are an actual Olivia P. pick from Piperlime and everything on the site is 20% off TODAY ONLY with the code 24HOURS! Check it out before it's over! 

Happy warm winter weekend to some of you! To others, layer up (with great sale finds).


  1. Love this look. Want to swipe right off the page.

    1. Me too! Glad I'm not alone in my need to wear this outfit!

  2. Perfect version of her outfit! too chilly here for shorts, but if it weren't i'd go for that whole look.

    1. Thanks, Anne! I'm too pale for shorts even if it is warm here- ha! We'll both have to bookmark this look for spring.


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