Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lavender & Linen Master Bedroom

Now that I'm back home after traveling for a month, I'm ready to tackle a few projects I've been putting off. One such project: The master bedroom. It's funny how just one new piece can make you want to rearrange an entire space. That's what happened when I ran into this Paule Marrot "Lavender" print on serious sale. Holy cow. 

After being a fan for so long and finding it at a steal at Paysage in Wilmington, I couldn't pass it up. And now it's time to make the room sing around this gorgeous print...linen curtains, soothing neutrals, natural elements and pops of purple make me calm and happy all at once. 

Now that I've seen these pieces together on the computer screen, I'm dying to bring them together in REAL life! All in good time, I suppose. Are there pieces that you've come across lately that make you want to redo a room? It's a curse, isn't it?!


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