Monday, October 29, 2012

Closet Foulard Nothing to Wear?

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Problem: Even though we've entered a new season, you feel like you have nothing to wear. What's worse? You don't have an endless supply of funds to fix it.

Solution: You can have your cake and eat it, you can revive your wardrobe with pieces you already own by mixing in some unexpected "out of season" items.

Case in point: Harper's Bazaar's mention of foulard in the November issue. The signatures of this lightweight, silky fabric are an interesting, scarf-like print and an ease of fact, it's so effortless that I personally considered it more of a summer material. That is until today. If J. Crew's foulard print pants can still be full price, then you can pull off this look on any nice fall day. So cute! 

Of course, my favorite fashion glossy suggested recreating this look with a $1400 Derek Lam dress and $3100 Celine bag. Yeah, thanks for the help. So here's my little recreation with some much more affordable know, just in case you aren't sure if something is in your closet.

Let me break it down for you:

Tell me you don't have a summery dress that you could throw a jacket over to look chilly weather chic and I'll give you $100. 

Well, maybe not. But I will suggest that if you find a great summer frock on sale that you buy it now and wear it like this chic chick!

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