Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Inspired by Marfa

 The stars aligned in the last 24 hours and got my brain going on something. In one fortuitous day, Art.com presented 20% off on orders and "Gossip Girl" premiered. How are these two seemingly unrelated things relevant, you ask?  Take a look...

In the Upper East Side entryway of Lily Van Der Woodsen, a Prada Marfa giclee doth hang. I've always found this piece interesting...at first, just because it said "Prada." Duh. But when I did a little more digging, I discovered that the Prada Marfa sign refers to the Prada "storefront" in Marfa, Texas. A Prada store in the Texas desert seems a little odd but that's the whole point- Prada Marfa is actually a living pop art sculpture. In 2005, two artists who had formerly collaborated with Prada were allowed to create a non-functioning store in this southwestern town. The building has no practical doors and all of the shoes inside, though real Pradas, are right footed only. Vandals quickly heard word of the building and broke in only three days after its completion, stealing the bags and shoes that Muiccia Prada reportedly selected herself for the installation. Today the shoes have been replaced and the bottomless bags contain security cameras aimed at deterring future thieves. 

As a lover of fashion, Texas and pop art, I feel it's my duty to hang this piece of art alongside interesting patterns and vintage finds. Do you ever get these calls of duty?? A nod to the Southwest with horse head bookends brings it full circle.

Do you think I'm officially insane now? Or do you get these calls as well? Now to get to Marfa, Texas...


  1. haha! My aunt has been there to the Prada Marfa. It is very random, indeed! I do hear that Marfa is a really cool town though, so I'm itching to go as well! Love the look of this!


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