Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wednesday's Look for Less: Diane Von Furstenberg

Howdy gals! I must offer my apologies to you for being m.i.a.- and I don't mean like the rapper chick. Life has been quite cray cray lately but all of the madness is the good kind. And, lucky for all of us, some of this insanity I get to share with you here! However, today we set our sights on a Wednesday tradition: the Look for Less files. 

Kate Middleton made the green Diane von Furstenberg dress ultra famous last July. While we won't be looking at that exact same dress, we do owe the l.g.d. (little green dress) popularity to the princess. I tried this dress below on in real life and it is incredibly well made and a fantastic bright color. But I did not buy this piece because of its nearly $400 price tag and I'm guessing there are a few more girls out there who would have made the same decision.

I wouldn't lie to you- the dress's absence from my closet has been felt. With all of the weddings and other springtime events, I really could have used it. How many times have you felt this same way about something you passed up? Well fret no more, my friends. A worthy alternative has arrived. With the same great color and, dare I say, perhaps an even better cut, Topshop has saved the day with this $95 frock. 

Certainly a dress like this can become a strong placeholder in your wardrobe for years to come. Whether you choose to spend $400 or $100 is up to you but either way, you'll end up with an easy go-to piece for all kinds of life's sweet occasions.

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