Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday's Look For Less: Easy Summer Swing

It's time for another Look for Less! This week, I want to show you two easy summer looks at very different price points. Can you tell which one costs less? 

Maxi skirts have been trending for several seasons now. I love a maxi for its ability to grant us all a long, graceful stride. But to give the old, faithful maxi a 2012 reboot, an airy and light peplum top adds just the right amount of shape without any fuss. 

So which one is the Look for Less? If you guessed the outfit on the right, you're right! The top from Anthropologie comes in just under $80 while the Topshop maxi skirt only costs $59! On the left, the Miu Miu top is a splurge for $570 and the Tibi maxi costs $365. Ouch. Maybe it's just me but that Topshop skirt looks an awful lot like the Tibi...

And while we're on the subject of blushing summer ease, get a load of these two dresses...very similar but at very different prices...

Would you believe the second dress is a Chloe piece priced at $5500?? The very similar long sleeved version comes from ASOS for a mere $130. Wow. 

I hope you enjoyed your mid-week Look for Less. If you're ever looking for lower priced option for your wardrobe, feel free to contact me and I'll conduct a Look for Less hunt for you!

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