Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Veronicas Visit Vermillion

I'm embarrassed that it's taken me this long to get this post together so I hope everyone can forgive me for withholding so much fabulous information for so long! But two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to a 
Southern brunch and private showing of the Veronica Beard spring and fall collections at Vermillion. It's never a surprise to see gorgeous pieces at Vermillion and the Veronica Beard line did not disappoint. But getting to meet the designers behind one of fashion's most innovative lines was the cherry on top!  

Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard in pieces from their spring and fall lines at Vermillion

Veronica Beard pieces are made for every woman's everyday life. Maybe it helps that the Veronicas are both wives, mothers and businesswomen. From living the fast-paced and hurried lifestyle, the Veronicas decided to simplify dressing by creating "modern icon" pieces. So whether you live in New York or work in LA, there is something in this line for everybody. Cotton shorts are meant to be paired with breezy tops for a summer's day. Rich leather skirts and fur trimmed jackets stylishly ease us into winter. The gorgeous textures serve a feast to the eyes and to the touch- luxurious silks, interesting woven cotton, dark tweeds and warm cable knits make up the Veronica Beard repertoire. 

But what appealed to me most about this line was the overall thematic ease of dressing. The Veronica Beard aesthetic revolves around effortlessness in every single way. Dresses are cut generously and are meant to lightly skim the body. Their beautifully tailored jackets should be layered over the breezy frocks to add structure and shape. And speaking of the jackets, Veronica Beard's signature pieces feature removable, layer-able inserts for maximum stylishness and practicality. To sum it up, you don't even have to think when you put on Veronica Beard clothing. Every piece has a classic, simple design and the beautiful fabrics, interesting details and high quality set Veronica Beard apart from every other designer.

 Veronica Beard Fall 2012 Preview

A sample of Ashley Christensen's brunch spread at Vermillion.

While my visit unfortunately got cut short, I did manage to select a few favorite pieces...

Fall 2012 Dress 

 Fall 2012 Dress- I adored all of that brown leather trim!

 Spring 2012 Peasant Top- I'm in love.

 Spring 2012 Poncho Dress (as seen on Veronica Swanson Beard with the Silk Military Jacket above)

A few more of my favorite Veronica Beard things...

And, ironically, Veranda recently profiled Veronica Swanson Beard and one of her favorite things is a longtime favorite of mine as well. (Anyone who reads my blog knows I have a minor obsession...)

VSB loves Tobacco Leaf just like me!

It was lovely to meet these two inspiring and creative women and to get the chance to see their gorgeous new lines in person. A special thanks goes to Vermillion too for offering me such an amazing opportunity. I look forward to seeing the Veronica Beard brand grow and collecting a few pieces as well...

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