Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tricked Out Office

My work space tends to be where I spend the vast majority of my life my day. I've decided the time has come to trick this place OUT! 

Cruddy wood laminate desks circa 1980 come provided to us in my white walled rectangular room but that doesn't mean we can't liven things up with energizing prints, bold colors and a few modern touches. 

At home, this many bright colors and prints might feel chaotic or overwhelming. But in the office, the vibe lends energy and creative inspiration. The Louis ghost chair and lucite lamp add that modern, glamorous appeal while ethnic geometric prints keep the space bright and cheerful. The bold color palette will keep you feeling energized, assuring your boss that you'll never be caught sleeping at your desk! Add a candle or personal photo and suddenly the office starts to feel like home, which is good when you spend less time at your actual house than you do at work! 

With these fun touches, I might just enjoy working a 12-hour day. How about you?


  1. thanks for the inspiration! my "art" (ahem, diplomas) is still lying on the floor by my desk. I agree -- time to spruce things up!

    1. Haha- I have some art in the trunk of my car. Probably not a good spot for it!


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