Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring in Your Step

Spring has sprung, y'all! Happy first day of the new season to you.  

Now that warm weather has officially settled in, it's ON...the espadrilles, I mean.

The sturdy wedge makes a comfortable and- dare I say- more practical alternative to the stiletto. In fact, a local podiatrist recently recommended wedges as the safer option for ladies' feet due to the stress heels put on the ball of the foot. He also claimed that wearing a cheaper shoe had the potential to do more damage to one's foot later in life. So, girls, investing in a good shoe is more that just money spent on style- it's an investment in your health!

But, for now, who needs a pedicure?? It's definitely on my to-do list this weekend. After that, I'll start saving for my expensive shoe habit. 

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