Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Get Shorty

Those of us in the South are due for one long, hot summer this year. Winter feels more like Spring so one can only assume we'll springboard into summer in about a month or so...and STAY there. 

With sweltering temps and high humidity just around the corner, shorts are sure to become a girl's best friend. You may flashback to your unflattering pair of chinos or cut-offs straight outta the country. But 2012's stylish options give a girl the opportunity to sport shorts on more than just the boardwalk. Whether worn for girls' nights out (I'll take the patterned A.L.C. version) or paired with flats and a blazer for work, shorts aren't just for your down time anymore.

I've already selected my favorites. What about you? If you don't usually wear shorts, will you convert this year?

Now off to do about one hundred million thousand lunges and get a spray tan!


  1. this post scared me, summer shorts are just about here, time to start those lunges!

    1. I know- are chubby, white legs a good look because I might have to own that this year.

  2. Wow, you read my mind, sis. I saw those Calypso shorts in their email yesterday and immediately clicked to learn more about them. They are cute! Also really like those Anthro patch pocket shorts. Thanks for the suggestions!


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