Monday, March 19, 2012

Chartreuse & Stripes & Everything Nice

As college co-eds become women of the workforce and twenty-somethings approach their thirties, there comes a point where ladylike dressing is not just accepted but EXPECTED. 

I've found that as the 3-0 approacheth I have more functions that require ladies-who-lunch attire. Dwindling are the days when I could buy a silky halter top and expect to wear it with a skirt to cocktails, with jeans for the bar and with shorts for bachelorette weekends. (The BAR? Remember that place?)

But dressing conservatively and in a ladylike way doesn't have to mean snoozeville. Behold the holy grail for my wardrobe- the neon silk chiffon wrap skirt. Last summer, I happened upon this Lela Rose skirt at Vermillion in Raleigh. I knew I could wear it for an upcoming bridesmaids' luncheon (a la the look below and center) but I never expected to have so many other options with such an intense piece of clothing. It's knee length and fairly basic in cut but bright, bold and fun in personality. 

From left to right:

J. Crew Striped Tee + skirt + Tory Burch Julianne Wedge = Easy Sophistication for Post- Work Meeting (Cocktails Optional)
J. Crew Blythe Blouse + skirt + Ann Taylor Patent Pump = Bridal Shower Bliss
J. Crew Factory Chambray Top + skirt + Tory Burch Julianne Wedge (again) = Girlie Party Festive

This chartreuse piece has given me a lot of options. Here are some more in case you're pondering this purchase. Don't be afraid to wear these pieces with more than just white, grey and solids...

From the reasonably priced:

To the super nice:

Please don't take this post as a complaint about aging or anything whiny like that. And don't get me wrong, if you've got it, flaunt it! But when ladylike dressing calls, it's nice to have a little unexpected yet appropriate ammo in your closet.


  1. Love all three looks. That skirt was definitely a great investment piece! Wish I had one too!

  2. I should get the "birds of paradise" for Auntie Snags's book tour! Are you sure you don't want a too small skanky tank top from Express and jeans which display a muffin top? That look was really rocking freshman year.
    Love!! :)

    1. May, you DEFINITELY need that skirt for Snags' book tour! Or at least she does. Isn't her bday coming up or something??
      I rocked the same freshman year look as you. Sometimes I rock it by accident now but the too small top is from H&M instead of Express.


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