Thursday, March 8, 2012

High Fashion at Low Cost

As previously reported here, Marni X H&M drops today. Some stores hosted a sneak preview late last night and I read that all items at a store in NYC sold out in 14 minutes. Is that a record? (No, Missoni for Target has got to hold that one.)

As not previously reported, Marni X H&M is only being sent to about 14 stores in major cities only. Sadly for me and all my NC-livin' pals, the closest we'll get to these goodies is DC or Atlanta. 

However, a Paris Fashion Week street style photo has recently emerged fanning my flames of Marni desire. Russian model Elena Perminova was spotted in head to toe Marni X H&M and looking like a million books. Would you have ever expected (most of) these pieces to cost under $100?

via FabSugar 

Elena wears the Patent Leather Sweater Jacket for $200, men's buttondown shirt for $40 and Silk Shorts for $50. I happen to loooove that jacket.


 The accessories here really make the outfit for me. Her earrings and both necklaces are also Marni X H&M. The earrings cost $20, yellow necklace is $50 and white flower necklace available for $40. 

All totaled, Elena sports a Paris Fashion Week-worthy look for $400! I doubt most of front row fashionistas could beat that sticker price.

I popped into the H&M in Raleigh recently (secretly hoping they'd have some Marni pieces available early. Hey, a girl can dream.) and found two great spring staples that I'm excited to sport soon, tweed shorts and an Equipment-esque buttondown blouse for $29.95 a piece. The shorts are half of a shorts suit but I decided to leave the tweed jacket behind.

via H&M

via H&M

If you get lucky and find yourself some Marni X H&M pieces today, PLEASE let me know. I'll also give you $40 for a necklace. ;)

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