Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So Long, Honeysuckle

To Honeysuckle, we bid you aideu...

Vogue and Coffee via Pinterest

 via Martha Stewart

Apartment Therapy via Pinterest

via Tory Burch

It's been fun, our feisty friend, but there's a new color in town. Tangerine Tango has entered the universe as the Pantone Color of the Year for 2012 and it's taking over. Appearing in everything from fashion to home decor, it's not your 70s hue anymore. Use it to punch up otherwise dull color schemes. It plays well with grays, punches up a bright white and unexpectedly surprises against hunter green.

Tasteologie via Pinterest

 Richard Chai in New York Magazine via Pinterest

 Haute-Couture-Merci via Pinterest

 Amber Interiors via Pinterest 

If you're not into it yet, be patient. This tone will grow on you. And remember that it's "tangerine" not "orange!"


  1. So excited tangerine has made its way into our lives!

  2. Yes! And that's your Martha Stewart punch that made a cameo. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  3. I am obsessed with tangerine too! It goes so well with navy too.

  4. It does!! Might have to build a little tangerine into the dining room if I take the navy plunge...hmmmm...


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