Thursday, December 15, 2011


Versace via Talk Shoes

Ladies, we need to talk about shoes and I'm not sure how you're going to react to my proposal. I'm writing to you today in hopes that you won't immediately scoff and close out this page, completely disregarding my opinion forever.

But lucite shoes are back and they are big time. Many of us, especially nice Southern gals, have relegated the lucite heel to "working girls" whose places of employment include Thee Doll House and Crazy Horse. You know what I'm talking about- the kind of working girls where the shoes' heel height must be six inches or higher or else you ain't performin' tonight. But I hold a certain affection for the lucite heel. My momma had a pair of what I always called "acrylic" heels in the '80s. They were fab slingbacks with a lucite heel, clear plastic toe strap and '80s fab silver rhinestone with copper adornment. They were her big night out shoes when dad donned a tux and she was in sequins. In college, I made those puppies mine and wore them proudly around Chapel Hill, receiving tons of compliments (oddly enough).

Stuart Weitzman via Denim Therapy

Maybe for sentimental reasons or maybe because I can't refuse a good deal, I recently purchased this $298 pair of Stuart Weitzman wedges for $20 at our Junior League's Bargain Sale. Logically, they were my size, they were comfortable, they were a STEAL and I could wear them in my friend's NYE wedding under a long sapphire blue dress. Ironically, lucite heels paraded down fall runways and made cameos in resort collections from Fendi to Dries Van Noten. It seems I've just made the ultimate good call! 

Dries Van Noten via Runway Hippie

Chanel via The Gloss

Now the rest of us girls can also join in on the look! Dries Van Noten made lucite eclectic and slightly bohemian on their runway while Chanel takes a conservative classic spectator pump and adds a little sass. Even the Man Repeller paid a little homage recently. Whatever your taste, there is a clear choice for you. (Ba dum ching!)

In short, I can't wait to break in my lucite heels on Dec. 31 and hope to wear them in the warmer weather with a little Stella McCartney Hawaiian print...

via My Theresa


  1. Bring home the Weitzman heels! I wanna see! And yes, I agree that Mom's heels are the I even squeezed in them for a few cocktail parties myself because they were so fab (and comfy-ish)!

  2. Will do, sis!! And I didn't know you wore those heels too. Do you have them still?? Ha!

  3. No! I thought you had them? Hahaha - where dey at? I don't think I could wear them any more. My feet have grown even since college, I think. Yuck.

  4. Maybe Mom has them. My feet shrunk in college too and are back now. I think it's because we're more active. I also grew .25 inches! ;)


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