Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Loving La Leopard

via The Berry

I think I do this every year around this time. A firm desire for leopard accessories comes over me. I hunt for my favorites, settle on the top picks and then talk myself right out of purchasing. Anyone else have this problem? Last year, my beau's niece got a pair of fabulous Kate Spade leopard print flats. Last week, I saw them at the Kate Spade outlet and had to make them mine. Problem: only one size left and it wasn't anywhere near mine.

And so the hunt for leopard- prints, not jungle cats- continues and the crave for a clutch, flat or heel rages on. Until I find my sole mates or handheld companions, these images of inspiration will have to suffice...

via Zimbio

via The Berry

via Celebrity Fashion

THE Kate Spade flats via Better Than Bland

via J. Crew
Steve Madden flats via Macy's


  1. Agreed I always try on leopard print shoes and never buy, maybe I can buy you a pair and you can buy me one?! :)


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