Monday, December 19, 2011

In The Navy

 Design Stiles via Pinterest do you feel about a dark but glossy navy wall? To me, it sort of feels like the sassy younger sister of light blue. The pale blues of the world are safe, smart and always welcoming but the glossy navies are the equivalent of the friend who has traveled the world, dating rich men and coming home with unbelievable stories and souvenirs. In other words, something about a dark navy feels glamorous and a bit unexpected but without taking a dive way off the deep end.

After mulling over my current dining room situation, I've decided that a little glamorous risk might be just what my house needs. Currently, it's the safest color possible, a sandy beige. My PLAN, though it may go unexecuted, is to paint below the chair role molding white so that a good half of the room contrasts with the darker hue. Adding the glossy finish will help keep the already small-ish room from caving in on itself by reflecting light. Plus, another shine never hurt...unless it's my forehead doing the shining.

 Justine Taylor via Pinterest

Plush Palate via Pinterest

via Palmer Weiss

So what do you think? Do you have dark colors painted in your house? Did you do it with a little sheen? I would love to know about your experiences!


  1. I think YOU can pull it off. Remember Carrie and Big's apt once they are married in the second movie? There are some good dark glossy walls in there. I only have "safe" glossy/matte stripes in our foyer but I cannot wait to see your work!

  2. I DO remember their apartment! Do you know what's funny? Chi keeps comparing my new living room to Carrie's apartment after she redoes it the first SATC movie. I must have filed their place away in my brain and now it's seeping out. Your place looks fab though! So warm and inviting.


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