Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The hologram trend is certainly not one I ever saw coming but, as fashion tends to surprise us, it has Arrived with a capital "A." We should have looked into our crystal hologrammed ball last year when Proenza Schouler's runway full of iridescent sheen (see runway photo below) earned rave reviews. Now, the brand has officially influenced the lower end lines. Everyone from Tory Burch to Rebecca Minkoff is bringing the holo-glam.

You can add a little with a mercurial bangle or pop of iridescence at your feet or a lot with a bright leather skirt or look-at-me bag. Whatever you do, keep the rest of your outfit SIMPLE. Black lets the bright shiny things grab all the attention but dark greens, teals and even burgundies can work with the right finesse. 

Will you glam it up with hologram this year?

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