Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bedside Beauties

Is your bedroom a soothing, spa-like space? Or a dark, cavernous sleep shack? Personally, I hoped to create a soothing and comfortable room with a dose of glamour and dash of tradition. Finally, five years and four months after moving into this house, I feel like I have achieved that. What's the saying? The best spaces come together over time? I hope so!

 Back in July, you may have caught the bedding makeover post where I mentioned some new bedside tables would be arriving soon.They have been lacquered, gold leafed, picked up and installed. And they are JUST what I was hoping they would be! 

When I decided on the vintage fretwork headboard from Circa Who, I knew I wanted to play up the geometric details with the nightstands. My mom has a beautiful chinoiserie buffet that she saved up for back in the 70s and has had in my parents' living room since I was a baby. It's one of my favorite pieces in their house and I wanted something similar to that. Stuff: Vintage in Greensboro posted these two Century nightstands on my new favorite shopping site, Facebook. (I can't tell you how many Facebook pictures have prompted me to buy things lately...) Stuff's owner had a similar sentimental value to two pieces her mother bought back in the 70s and understood why I loved these so much. Although they had been listed weeks earlier, the stars aligned and the nightstands became mine. We lacquered them in Benjamin Moore's White Down and added gold leaf on the beveled accents. The brass chinoiserie hardware on the cabinets really sold me and I wanted to play that up as much as possible.

Here is a before shot to give show you their transformation. I loved their original dark wood but all of the other furniture in my bedroom is my grandmother's dark oak. The room would have felt too stale if I had left them in their original condition.

Do you have much experience lacquering old furniture? I was so excited about breathing new life into used pieces but also really nervous. Lacquering is not cheap but it does need to be done by a professional. I also think you have to beware of having too much of it in your house. These pieces usually end up being show stoppers so tread lightly! 

As for decorating my house, I feel like I need a break for a while. It's been nonstop transformations around here for the last few months and while I love the changes, I need a break. No more projects for this girl for a while. Does anyone know how I feel? At least, how I feel for now... ;)


  1. Love every bit of your bedroom, seriously right out of a magazine.

    1. Maybeeeee the parts I actually let you see... ;)

  2. Looks great! Where did you get those tables? Craigslist? Estate sale? They're exactly what I've been looking for for my guest room.

    1. Thanks, Lindsay! I got them from Stuff: Vintage in Greensboro but I have also recently seen them on Facebook from somewhere in Raleigh. It was either Finds or Marymac, I think. They weren't lacquered yet but Steins Furniture in Raleigh seems to do a beautiful job there. Good luck!!


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