Monday, January 23, 2012

New Moon Florals (And We're Not Talkin' Twilight Here)

via The Pursuit Aesthetic

 via Elements of Style

 via Elements of Style

Tonight the world will experience a New Moon, the first of the year. And with this New Moon comes an new energy surge. Personally, I have been STRUGGLING since the holidays ended- tired and wiped out from too much work and play. Starting tomorrow, let's hope we'll all get a little more energized, starting with our wardrobes...of course!

How about riffing off a bright and peppy spring trend, the good old floral pattern. Usually, I'm not one for a frou frou style but the florals of 2012 have attitude. Mix them in with stripes, wear a leopard heel, don a bright statement necklace or go Carrie Bradshaw and strap into a dominatrix heel. 

However you wear them, wear them with confidence- don't be a shrinking violet.

via Sex and the City film

A few great options are below, in case your wardrobe is missing this patterned spring staple. Wear them now with black skinny jeans, army green barn jackets or cable knit sweaters. Wear them later with breezy tops or skirts, chino shorts and colorful flats.

via Asos

 J. Crew via Net-A-Porter (LOVE the chartreuse heel)

 Jason Wu via My Theresa (SWOON!)

via Zara

And just in case you aren't sure how to toughen up your fleurs...

 Alexander Wang via Net-A-Porter

 via Asos

 Burberry Prorsum via Net-A-Porter
 via Topshop

via Topshop

So tomorrow when you go to get dressed and you feel a little groggy, pull out those brights and florals and tough them up with a little gladiator inspired black leather. You'll merge winter with spring in one fell swoop and hopefully everything will start coming up roses...


  1. I am LOVING all the the options above! I just bought a version of this shirt from J. Crew that from far away looks somewhat drab but up close has pops of bright green and purple. It will help me get out of this funk too!

  2. Fun new shirt, sis! You can really play up those green and purple tones with a little day glo if you want to...maybe a chartreuse belt or a bright sweater? I had to wear the Phillip Lim top I got for your post-wedding party to bust out my florals today. Vive les fleurs!!!


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