Wednesday, January 25, 2012

40s Flattery

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In keeping with the spring fashion daydream, one of the more surprising styles we've seen popularized by multiple designers is the resurgence of 1940s-inspired dressing. When I think of the 40s fashion, women drawing lines up their leg to give the appearance of nylons pops into my brain. 

Luckily at the present time, we're not in such dire straits. Forties fashion comes by way of a gentle, feminine silhouette cut from vibrant patterns and colors. Highlighting the waist and wrists while emphasizing the bust and a strong shoulder added key figure flattery to the dresses of that decade and today. Way back when, this cut resulted from the lack of materials. Today, it's just plain cute!

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 Milly via Net-A-Porter

Miu Miu via Net-A-Porter

I love this style for showers, luncheons and other daytime, ladylike events. Keep it modern with loose hair and natural make-up, like the celebs below. The minute you add an obvious finger-wave, you appear to be playing dress up!

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So what do you think? Is the vintage-inspired look for you? 

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