Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day Glo Sophisticate

via Harper's Bazaar

It seems like every winter, I hit a wall with my black clothes- a big, fat, dark brick WALL. Do you do the same? This impact causes an equally strong desire to find all things colorful and make them WERK with the winter wardrobe, which is why the day glo rage might just be my saving grace!

I refuse to use the word NEON as it invokes 1980s puff paint shirts and the smell of old Jellys. Bleck! But day glo sounds lovely and bright and SOPHISTICATED. Just check out the woman photographed above from Mr. Blasberg's Best Dressed List in Harper's Bazaar. Or the Proenza Schouler ad below. These women aren't jumping over a Skip-It to get to the Paula Abdul (or "Paula Abdoo" as we who watch "American Idol" like to say) concert. These ladies look stylish, chic and polished.

via Proenza Schouler

Pairing your chartreuse, fuschia or electric blue with its darker, more bold counterpart seems to be the key to day glo gone right. Navy or forest green with chartreuse (see the Textile by Elizabeth & James look below) looks divine. Even brown and black, a la Proenza Schouler or the Chloe clutch below, adds just the right touch of drama to keep the pieces sophisticated day glo instead of oh no.

 via Stylelist

via Because I'm Addicted

How can I invoke this adoration right now? How about a pair of day glo sneakers? Wear them with your navy sweaters and dark blue jeans now. Pair it with a teal blue blouse and white shorts later. 

I think I'm in love. 

via Ann Mashburn


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