Monday, November 28, 2011

Style Sophisticate

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Lately, I have really had a craving for subtle, sophisticated style. I'm feeling sort of done right now with all of the busy patterns and trying-to-hard clashing colors. You must be wondering if I fell and bumped my noggin over the holiday as I am the QUEEN of way-too-many-colors-at-once, but I seem to have finally joined with the rest of the mature, stylish world when I realized solids and neutrals just have this classic staying power that looks chic no matter one's age, the season or even the year.

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I knew just who to turn to for a little sophisticate inspiration. Her Serene Highness (don't you just love that?!) The Princess of Monaco, aka Charlene Wittstock.

The South African swimmer turned Monaco maven has caught my eye- and others' as well, as she's seen above seated with Anna Wintour at Paris Fashion Week- with her sartorial selections. Whether sexy chic in Armani or properly tailored in Akris, Her Serene Highness always looks not only appropriate and polished but also chic and glamorous.

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via Nick Verreos

These looks clearly aren't about being trendy, per se, but are undoubtedly fashionable. There is a sharpness to her style that keeps her from looking frumpy. Dare I say, she reminds me of another royal woman...a Hollywood royal, that is.


So now that we have our inspirations- foreign and domestic- it's time to source these items in shops! I'll be doing a little shopping and will report back to let you know what I come up with. Until then, stay solid, my friends!

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