Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hey Fancy Pants!

Dolce & Gabbana



How do we feel about metallic pants? They appeared on MULTIPLE runways during fall fashion week and are slowly creeping into stores near you.

Part of me really digs this Alexander Wang pair and thinks they would look chic and laidback with a white tee shirt and black oxfords by day. But another part of me is terrified of the idea. Sparkle on my bum? I hope the fanny fairy plans on paying me a firming session visit!

Alexander Wang High-Rise Metallic Skinny Pants

Whether you like the look or not, keep your ensemble casual with a tee shirt and flats or classic with a button down, blazer and heels. You don't want to get costume-y with a bunch of crazy colors or complicated cuts.

Vionnet Metallic Woold-Blend Pants

Halston Heritage Sequined Pants

Balmain Metallic Leather Pants

Shine on, sisters! I'll let you know if I get bold enough to shimmy into shimmer pants.

all images via Net-A-Porter


  1. The fanny fairy!!! hahaha Send him/her here. Can definitely see you in the snakeskin flats. XO

  2. They can be your new J Brand waxed jeans. I say GO FOR IT!


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