Thursday, November 4, 2010

Make It Work

Oh to go to work everyday in an oh-so-stylish office a la Aerin Lauder. Her office at Estee Lauder headquarters as well as her personal office/dressing room would be inspiring no matter what time of day or how stressful the task! Both spaces whisper elegance and luxury while the home office appears a touch cozier and warmer with wall-to-wall carpeting, gold metallic accents and lush silk drapes.

Aerin Lauder at her offices at Estee Lauder shot by Domino.

A wider look at Lauder's elegant workspace in Domino.

Lauder in her home office for Bazaar.

Lauder by Bazaar

I think productivity would increase if we could all look forward to spending 8-12 hours a day in these spaces...


  1. Love that she is so naturally beautiful and is the head of Estee Lauder. I remember seeing her office in Domino and thinking how beautiful and serene it was...especially loved the makeup products and perfume in the tray on her desk. It's an image I've longed to recreate in my own office one day!


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