Thursday, November 18, 2010


John Caviness home and dog in Elle Decor

As I perused the Elle Decor website yesterday, I found myself so amused by the slideshow of sweet pets in their stylish interiors. Even animals seem to understand the sense of glamour and luxury in these amazing rooms. They lounge on chaises, guard cowhide rugs and reflect a personal touch that even the most skilled designers and decorators could never add.

Home and pet of Michael S. Smith in Elle Decor

Home and pets of Michael DePerno on Elle Decor

Lori Goldstein's dogs and bedroom in Elle Decor

Oddly enough, I saw this photo of two precious pups just before I signed on to write this post! I just had to include it!

Pets of H & H Home

So I just couldn't resist adding a few of my own...

Grace, left, and Penny, right, at my/their house

Penny in her master bedroom

As much as we might complain about shedding dog hair and barking out the windows, we can't replace the love of a dog with faux fur throws...I'll take a dog hair-covered couch over an impersonal interior any day.


  1. That last photo of Penwah is great...she looks like you've TOTALLY interrupted her chill time in HER bedroom! And your bedroom looks wonderfully decorated too :)

  2. Take a look at the Catalog Living blog for hilarious takes on interior decorating. You will laugh, I promise.


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