Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wednesday's Look For Less: Sequin Skirt

I honestly don't know if it's appropriate for me to even post this week, which is why I haven't before now. I have been sending positive thoughts and comforting prayers to everyone affected by the senseless tragedy in Connecticut. But I also know that many people tune into the blogosphere to escape real life for a fleeting moment. In honor of healing, coping and distracting, I'd like to still post this week's Look for Less and hopefully offer you some entertainment. 

Whether we're up for it or not, the holidays are happening and it's time to pull out all the stops. This time of year offers up the best excuse to rock sequins and shine. The two skirts above are easy holiday pieces that most anyone (at least of the appropriate age) can add to their wardrobe and get great use out of. Can you tell which one costs less?

These snazzy skirts are at two VERY different price points. The skirt on the left is a smart buy from Hallelu (located here in Wilmington!) for only $43. It is too much fun! The skirt on the right, also very fun and festive, is a Sass & Bide number from Net-A-Porter ringing up at $420. Yikes. I mean, I love sequins as much as the next Southern girl but I also love paying my bills on time, eating dinner and maybe getting a facial...

And while we're on this topic, can I just say that I love how Net-A-Porter styled this skirt to keep it low key? Maybe it's because I'm obsessed with that Tibi sweater...if you've seen me lately, you might already know that. It would also be just as easy with a black tee tucked into it or sassed up with a slinky tank.

I realize that Hallelu may not have many sizes of this skirt left- probs because it's so fab and sold out quickly- so consider this option from Express, also for a good price.

With parties and celebrations a-plenty, most of us could use just one more piece, right? Will this one work for you? 


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