Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wednesday's Look For Less: Bronzed Cable Knit

I fell in love with a sweater last week. And then another blog blew up like a Macy's parade balloon, creating an all-out craze for the thing and causing massive sellouts all across the Internet. Who can blame the masses? Blair styled that top beautifully, although I was just thinking of wearing it with black skinny jeans...tomAYto, tomAHto. Good thing there's a worthy alternative and it happens to be cheaper! 

The sweater on the left comes to us courtesy of Michael Kors' economy line, MICHAEL Michael Kors, but it still rings up at $150. It is one good looking top though, a classic, preppy knit interpreted in a modern metallic. But ASOS offers us a great looking, strikingly similar alternative for only $63! I think I might be able to settle in this case...

Chic sweaters just in time for the holidays! But don't dilly-dally. These tops have obviously created a craze so if you are lucky enough to find one, I suggest you snatch it up!


If you're interested in a similar style by Michael Kors, he offers a short sleeve version that is equally as chic as its long-sleeved relative for about $140. You'll still be saving a little while also getting a nice piece. 

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