Friday, November 2, 2012

Pure Obsession

It's time I clue you all in to a little addiction I'm facing. Yes, I need to admit that I've been hanging out at the Barre a little too I have recently become obsessed with some serious exercise fun at the new Pure Barre in Wilmington.

Pure Barre just opened here last Friday and you better believe I was there that day. If you've been to a barre class before, then you know the love/hate relationship that can develop from a 55 minute class. Friends of mine who had been to barre class warned me that your legs will burn, your arms will shake, you'll be sore the next day and you'll look amazing with a little commitment. Let me tell you, these ladies who have done it over time look AH-MAZ-ING...sleek, toned, trim, fit.

But here's the really amazing news for my fellow Wilmingtonians... 

My friends Lindsey Cheek and Shannon Darrough of Poplin & Queen are hosting an invitation-only, complimentary class for five gals in Wilmington. You just have to enter on one of their blogs to win! BONUS ALERT: You'll be offered 10% a Pure Barre package if you attend. This opportunity will save you some dough and get you looking great all while having tons of fun with the likes of Lindsey, Shannon and maybe even me!

This giveaway ends on Thursday, Nov. 8 so enter today if you can! I hope to see you there. And make sure you drink tons of water before and after. This workout is LEGIT.


  1. Even your dear ol' Mom loves barre classes!!!! While I'm not in Wilmington, I'm taught by one of a former Wilmingtonian who is one heck of a teacher! She helped me get "Svelte by 60" so imagine what can be done for "all you youngsters!!! "Belly" up to the barre!!!!!!!!!!!


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