Monday, February 6, 2012

Strike a Pose Sunday

 via E! Online

The football. The food. 

The fashion. 

Wait, what?

Whether you're a fan of Madonna or not, you couldn't help but be somewhat mesmerized  by her high fashion get-ups during the halftime show. I wouldn't say that I'm a major Madonna fan- and I wasn't exactly thrilled about her OTK boots- but I was absolutely drooling over her Egyptian entry and gilded headdress. Vogue, indeed!

To the fashion world's delight, we learned that Madonna wore Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci. The aforementioned head piece was designed by none other than British power milliner Philip TreacyReportedly, Madonna wore the Cleopatra-inspired costumes below as a tribute to Elizabeth Taylor. 

via Barneys

via Barneys

via Barneys

Did you watch the big game? Were you pumped up for Madonna's halftime show? Regardless of her dance skills or lip singing, her choice in attire was a winner.


  1. I thought Madge looked great and rocked! Love your new blog design and the Jason Wu blouse! xo

    1. I did too! Thanks for the lurve. I'm wearing that Jason Wu top today- so far, so good!


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