Friday, May 20, 2011

To Dye For

via Proenza Schouler Twitter

Are you obsessed with tie dyed tee shirts? No, not those dancing bears on a psychedelic trip tee shirts. I'm talking high-fashion, super stylish, fresh for the summer tie dyed tees.

Usually most of us would regard a pattern like this as yet another passing trend. However, tie dye has definitely had a hold on me for a solid year now.

It all started with this:

via Search. Style. Snap.

The Proenza Schouler Spring/Summer 2010 fashion show. The moment when the hippie dippy dye from a bygone era returned with an element of style and sophistication. Tie dye wasn't for Birkenstocks and druggies anymore. It was for sassy new outfits in bright colors unlike anything anyone else had.

My hunt began. I talked myself out of every single Helmut Lang, Tory Burch and P-S top I saw, convincing myself that the money spent would feel like a waste come 2011.

Fast forward to today. This is what I am wearing to WORK:

personal photo

BANANA REPUBLIC tie dye tee with a black Adam blazer and Red Engine jeans.

Now, granted, I work in a casual office, but the point is that mainstream stores and tons of designers have taken the hint and now mass produced all types of pieces in tie dye- scarves, tops, skirts- you name it! Luckily for our wallets, tie dye isn't just available from Proenza Schouler anymore.

L.A.M.B. tank via Shopbop

Gryphon skirt via Shopbop

If you're brave enough to DIY, go for it! But we can all take comfort in knowing that our favorite tie dye pieces are as close as our nearest chic boutique or shopping mall.

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