Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Say Yes to the Dress


The countdown is officially winding down. In just three short days, Kate Middleton will become Princess Catherine and wife to dreamboat Prince William of Wales. It seems that there are two camps out there when it comes to Royal Wedding fever: those who will rise and shine at 4 a.m. for the live wedding coverage and those who will continue on with their usual plans and never bat an eye. Somehow, I lie somewhere in between these two but am a rare breed.

Personally, my main concern Friday, besides it being my own birthday:

What will Kate wear???

Associated Press

Like many royals before them, Kate and William will marry in London's palatial Westminster Abbey. This enormous gothic church provides a dramatic backdrop for the couple's nuptials. For this reason, Kate's dress has got to be able to hold its own amongst this vast, spindly space.

Designers of her Royal Wedding gown might as well be standing right next to Kate during the ceremony as this dress is certain to be scrutinized and photographed endlessly. Rumors abound as to who the secret designer might be. Certainly we all expect an English designer but I have a few guesses you might bet on...

First Possible Designer: Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen

Sarah Burton certainly has the talent and skills to design a dramatic couture gown for Kate- just look at Plum Sykes and her cathedral train above! Should I be the one processing down the Abbey's aisle on Friday, Burton would undoubtedly be my choice. These dresses stand on their own as artful masterpieces and would be just as breathtaking centuries from now when Princess Catherine's fans parade through museums to see her gown through plated glass.

BUT is the McQueen head designer too edgy for Kate? Perhaps she'll go a more understated route?

Second Possible Designer: Stella McCartney

Obviously Stella McCartney's designs have been a favorite of A-list celebrities here in the US. And there's no secret as to who her knightly father is. But will the Queen really allow the future King's wife to marry in the same design as Madonna? It's Princess Diana all over again...

Third Possible Designer: Philippa Lepley

Lepley has been called London's premier couture designer. While this American knows only a minimal amount of information about this designer, one could certainly say these gowns are a classic, traditional choice. The fabrics and cuts reflect what you'd expect to see on a bride. But will the princess's dress pack the right about of punch for her big day? These dresses may be a tad predictable.

Fourth Possible Designer: Sophie Cranston of Libelula

Sophie Cranston's designs invoke a vintage style that would certainly stand the test of time. Also, Kate's dress must have sleeves in Westminster Abbey and these designs appear to be easily modified for those types of specifications without harming the integrity of the design. Of course, we'll expect to see a massive train added to these dresses but I could definitely see Cranston enveloping Kate's polished and effortless style.

Final Possible Designer: Alice Temperley of Temperley London

Okay, so since I'm NOT the princess-to-be and can't choose Sarah Burton for myself, I am going to officially choose Alice Temperley for Kate Middleton. Temperley's aesthetic might just be the perfect combination of fashion, grandeur and tradition. She's certainly never afraid to push the envelope but creates some simply stunning pieces with immaculate details. With these dresses, you can really envision the train, the cathedral length veil, the sleeves and the Royal Wedding.

So who do you think the lucky designer will be? And keep in mind that Kate may even have THREE wardrobe changes. This event goes on ALL DAY LONG. So rest up, those of you who plan to wake at 4!! There's lots to behold on April 29...


  1. Great post! I am so so so excited about this wedding! I will definitely be up bright and early...might even make myself a royal breakfast. I WISH she'd wear a high collar McQueen design...a "simpler" version of the styles you've listed above...but I THINK she'll wear something more classic like the Libelula gowns you've picked. Definitely think it will be capped sleeve or long sleeve...no strapless, likely no spaghetti straps. I am SO excited!

  2. Can't wait to hear how your early a.m. event goes! We shall see what Kate decides......

  3. Oh Alice Temperley I do adore you but wonder if you are too vintage for malady and Alexander McQueen possibly too avant garde for the pretty princess...hmm I just don't know but I am sure it will be stunning! For some reason I envision Grace Kelly, possibly a long sleeve. I wished we all lived in the same town! Happy early birthday Lindsey!

  4. Reports starting to come in that the dress is McQueen!! I hope they are true but I do agree with you, Elizabeth. It will have to be an appropriate McQueen, not too avant-garde in design. Thanks for the bday wishes!! xx


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