Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Get Shorty


If you're already a shorty, then shorts may not be your favorite type of attire. Normally, I'm an anti-shorts kind of girl, always opting for a skirt or pants over this all-too-casual garment option as they tend to make some girls (me) look EVEN shorter or accentuate (my) athletic thighs.

However, perhaps due to the imminence of Coachella or my own rock concert attendance recently, I have been loving the look of shorts! And such wonderful options abound! Interesting patterns, unexpected textures and varying lengths have peaked my interest and apparently the interest of a few stylish ladies we know.

So I give you fun options for this spring and summer but I encourage you to add a little polish in the way of a blouse or blazer, unless you're headed for a day at the beach or on the playground.

Kelly Connor via

A dressy, evening look from Thread Social via Net-A-Porter

Polished, ladylike look from Emma Cook via Net-A-Porter

Friend of Mine via Shopbop

Hanneli Mustaparta via

Madison Marcus via Shopbop

Hudson via Shopbop

Blu Moon romper via Shopbop

Sass & Bide via Shopbop

To do: Lunges and Squats


  1. It's kinda a true that Short's are perfect for this time of summer festivals! Always love wearing them and totally loved your post about! actually I'm loving your blog:) following you

  2. Thanks, Denise!!! We'll have to keep doing our squats and lunges so our gams will be short-ready!


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