Thursday, April 28, 2011

In Which Crown Will Kate Walk Down? (the aisle)

As much speculation has focused on Kate's wedding dress, we have further guessing to do. Now we're all aware that Kate clearly loves fabulous headwear, which makes this next question even MORE relevant: Will Kate wear a tiara? And, if so, which tiara will she choose?

She has plenty of stunning options available to her. Diana wore the Spencer tiara for her 1981 wedding, a piece that has existed in her family since 1919.

Diana also wore the Cambridge Lover's Knot tiara, a piece commissioned by Queen Mary 1913. It was designed to replicate a tiara her grandmother once owned. When Queen Mary passed away in 1953, she willed the piece to Queen Elizabeth, her granddaughter. Queen Elizabeth subsequently gave it to Princess Diana as a wedding gift in 1981. After Charles and Diana divorced, though, Diana returned the jewel to Elizabeth.

Kate's commoner status means that her family doesn't possess any crowns or tiaras for her to use as her "something borrowed." A commoner as well, Sarah Ferguson famously entered her wedding to Prince Andrew with a wreath of flowers as her headpiece. However, when she exited the ceremony, she emerged wearing a tiara, signifying her passage from ordinary citizen to royalty. Perhaps Kate will do the same?

Despite my speculations about these various crown options, reports from multiple media outlets claim that Kate will actually borrow Queen Elizabeth's Russian Fringe tiara. Queen Mary inherited it from King George and Queen Victoria when she became the Queen Consort in 1910. She gave the tiara to her daughter-in-law Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother loaned this tiara to both of her daughters, Princesses Elizabeth and Anne, when they got married as their "something borrowed." Perhaps Queen Elizabeth will carry on the tradition her mother began and allow Kate to wear it tomorrow?

The Queen Mother in the Russian Fringe Tiara

Queen Elizabeth on her wedding day

Princess Anne wearing the same tiara on her wedding day

There's no doubt that Kate will be stunning no matter what she chooses to wear. Only a few more hours now until we find out if who guessed it right and who got it wrong!


  1. very interesting Suggs!! and gorgeous jewels..I'd take any of them!

  2. She looked so gorgeous - if only we could all wear Cartier tiaras on our wedding day! Just discovered your blog via {tig}. Will be following you from now on and would love if you stopped by my blog and followed me too!

    Andrea x

  3. Thanks Andrea!!! I'll definitely check your blog out!


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