Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Modern Eclectic Mix: Part One

Today's reveal is the first of a two-part series because, in this house, there is just too much goodness for one post! This particular project was a zhushing exercise and not a full makeover. In this case, the client already had her main furniture pieces- sofa, chairs, rugs, etc.- but she needed assistance creating a cohesive look. And to further complicate the matter, huge archways allow the den, living room and dining room to be completely open to one another. While the spaces didn't need to be the exact same, they did need to coincide. So we'll get a tour of the den today and then check back here on Thursday to read about the living room/see how it all goes together! You might just catch a glimpse below if you look closely...

Here's where we started with the den. This gray linen sectional is awesome- so comfortable and the perfect scale for the room. All of the rooms are painted the same paint color, which was great. The custom curtains, the leather and brass ottoman and hide rug were the additional sources of inspiration. 

(please excuse the Photoshop paint blobs- apparently I saved the "before" picture like this!)

We discussed toning down the orange and green color palette as well as moving the black chinoiserie cabinet to the entryway. It was clearly not the right scale to house their television or to sit against that large wall. We also wanted to move out the barrel table as well as the existing end tables to make the room feel more open and lighter. And speaking of light, we needed more lamps! Here are the two concept boards I presented.

After our meeting, we went with everything in the first photo with the sectional and nothing in the second photo- ha! That's just the way things go sometimes but we ended up in a much better place, I think. We decided to buy a wider but lower tv stand with a more rustic appeal rather than shabby look, moved the chair out completely and scratched the art all together. The three of us, meaning me, my client and her husband, did not all agree on the art unfortunately but those vintage etchings were incredible. (I'm still contemplating buying one for myself...) Here's the reveal! 

Thanks for modeling, Kinsey!



We all absolutely love how this room turned out! It's so comfortable and livable but still very polished and interesting. It's a space to relax in, kick back and watch tv but it's also a room that provides great movement for entertaining and conversation. The best of both worlds!

For more Modern Eclectic Mix, check back in here on Thursday for the living room reveal! In the meantime, please email me if you have any questions at lsuggsinteriors@gmail.com. Thanks for reading!

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