Monday, January 6, 2014

Passing Notes

In this 21st century, handwritten letters have been replaced by emails and notes have turned into texts. But with a little zhushing in the desk department, personal notes are making a comeback! If you had pretty little desk accessories like these, wouldn't you be compelled to leave a clever little adage on someone's desk?

Something about school supplies still makes my heart go pitter patter. We may never write another letter to our pen pal again but we will certainly never stop jotting down notes. Just don't let your teacher catch you passing notes or you might have your ampersand paperclip taken away! 


  1. Oh yes- I love all the pretty paper! Would you believe I wrote someone a note (handwritten on paper!) yesterday... Yes, a lost art.. sob sob but hopefully the pendelum will swing and my kids will one day put pen to paper! Happy New Year! Come visit us at the Coop! ...-Ann (

  2. Love it, Ann!! An old-school group of us can still be pen pals!! Happy New Year to you too and can't wait to come play at the Coop again! xo


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