Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Detox Download

If you have never done a detox cleanse before, I do not recommend you start with Dr. Oz's. Here's the deal: I started off strong on Saturday, drinking the Morning Detox Tea, drinking the breakfast smoothie, taking my vitamins and then drinking the lunch smoothie. Yes, I had a headache and a bad taste in my mouth but it was nothing I didn't expect or couldn't handle. Then my body began digesting the lunch smoothie. O...M...G. I felt SICK SICK SICK! I thought if I did the Detox Ultra Bath I would feel better but that only made me feel worse. I made the dinner smoothie despite the waves of nausea but there was NO way that thing was going down. It only calls for a 1/4 of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper but that was all I could smell. It just wasn't going to happen. So after 12 hours of officially detoxing I fell off the wagon and ate some Saltines. I slowly began to feel better...so I ate some plain bland pasta and the next morning I was back to normal. I did feel really good still but I can only hope I would have felt even better if I hadn't fallen off the wagon so early. 

Am I disappointed I couldn't hang in there for even a full day? Absolutely. But I did maintain the parts I could handle and intend to keep doing so. The green tea with lemon in the morning is great. I still crave coffee but the benefits of green tea- metabolic boost, antioxidants- outweigh those of coffee, even though I still crave it! The breakfast smoothie was great and I loved the addition of flaxseed. Apparently, flaxseed can be used in baking as a substitute for flour and breadcrumbs. Such a healthy alternative! I ate a salad with the ingredients from the lunch smoothie Sunday and Monday in an attempt to keep cleansing in my own way but dinner was back to the veggie lasagna or fish. Chewing food is now something I appreciate!

Breakfast smoothie- highly recommend!

Lunch smoothie- traitor! 

Dinner smoothie- never got it down.

At the end of the cleanse, I lost 2.4 pounds but my measurements all increased a tiny bit. Interesting, isn't it? My conclusions are that women's bodies are crazy complicated and that you can't go wrong with nature's whole foods. I am inspired to eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and nuts and eat fewer carbs, sugary treats and sweet drinks. Please send me any tips or favorite "detox" foods you have. At the end of the day, to be really healthy, clean eating has to be a way of life and not just a 3-day test drive...but hitting the reset button does help! 

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