Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday's Look For Less: Leather Skirts

If you've learned nothing about fashion in the last two years, then learn this lesson today: Leather has officially become a season-less fabric. Don't save your leather coat for a freezing cold day. Rock it with a tank and shorts on a warm spring evening. And don't forget that designers cut leather in the most unexpected ways now. Perforated leather tee shirt?? Yes, please!

If you like leather but fear the rocker-inspired edgy pieces, then an a-line leather skirt could be just the classic your wardrobe needs. Leather used to be a luxurious splurge but with the advancements in faux leathers (we refuse to use the p-word, "pleather"), the fake stuff looks just as good as the real and costs so much less!

With that being said, can you tell which of the two skirts above costs less? The skirt on the left is a Marc by Marc Jacobs piece on SALE for $300. Yeah, that's the sale price. Yikes. The item on the right from Tinley Road rings up at just under $80. And guess what- it's FAUX. Looks pretty darn real to me! Is it worth it to you to save $200 and fake it?

I hope you've been enjoying your weekly indulgence into the frivolous yet frugal side of fashion. My goal is always to bring you luxurious looking options for a fraction of the cost. Or, if you have a huge shopping budget, then I hope to offer you some quality pieces that give you the most bang for your buck! Should you have any specific requests, don't forget to let me know. 

Until next week...

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