Monday, October 24, 2011


Sam Edelman flats via World of Joy

Y'all, I've been slack. And I know it. I'm sorry about that.

You should know that I am diligently attempting to create a mind-blowing presentation about how to update a wardrobe for fall and would love for you to chime in. How do you make the transition? In the South, we've only recently begun to experience chillier temps. I started wearing more jackets and jeans but the flats are still in (on) tow.

Maybe a killer pair of slippers would be appropo for this time of year? Methinks yes...

Leopard Stubbs & Wooten via unknown

Velvet French Soles via Shopbop

Would you wear these?

Do you have another favorite fall trend?


  1. I hear the momma-Brady haircut is trend-setting this fall. Oh wait...don't you have a picture to post?

  2. That hair cut would look so good with those leopard print slippers.

  3. Suggs... i have found the cutest damn loafers that you would just love...unfortunately only in my sister's size... so it is her bday gift. I will send pic!

  4. Love the flats. A fall trend I really like is layering sweaters/cardigans under jackets... it keeps you warm but you avoid looking too bulky (at least until you have to!).



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