Monday, October 17, 2011

Panning for Gold in the Mountains

A glimpse into the set-up at K2

Did you ever go mining in the mountains as a kid? My sis and I sure did- we hit every gem mining company in Boone and Blowing Rock one summer panning for gold, emeralds, amethysts, anything we could sift into our jewelry-lovin', little hands! Eighteen years later, I still search for gems in the mountains but now they tend to come in the shapes of tables, chairs, rugs and lamps...

I'm here to tell you officially that there's gold in them thar' hills!

Allow me to introduce my latest gem- K2 Studio in Asheville, NC. Located in the heart of downtown, you can't miss out on this rustic meets modern home decor store. Seeing as how Asheville is quite granola and most pieces are more artisan than mod, I was blown away by this diamond in the rough.

One of my favorite pieces had to be this aluminum storage ottoman. I love its versatility- one minute your stashing your pillows and blankets. The next, your hosting Bunco and this little piece is the "low" table!

Aluminum storage ottoman, K2 Studio

I also wanted to take this modern yet rustic leather chaise with me. Its scale is perfect for my house and I could really picture that leather wearing in so beautifully in the years to come. Can't you picture those chrome arms next to that cool ottoman? Just sayin...

Leather chaise, K2 Studio

And since we're talking about shiny things, let me just say every coastal house needs a little driftwood accent. I'll take mine in silver.

Cool coastal accents in the mountains at K2

They also had a great collection of beautiful wooden tables.

And items that would make very special gifts...Santaaaaa...

Feather and glass ornaments

Gold pagodas with white ceramic birdies

K2 Studio also offered a large selection of lighting, including these super cool corrugated cardboard chandeliers. I swear, I had no idea they were cardboard until I got up close and saw their awesome prices and rigid edges.

Clover shaped corrugated cardboard chandelier

And finally, the most amazing sculpture...

Driftwood pony

I was so taken with this store and have been anxious to write a post about it. I still dream about that leather chaise and should mention that their staff was extremely helpful that day. Can't wait to go visit again and hopefully add a few pieces to my own home.


  1. Thats cardboard!?! Lovely. Please post a picture of wee Soggs panning for gold!

  2. Hahaaaa!!! I'm sure there are some pieces of evidence somewhere. I KNOW there is a picture of us at Mystery Hill from one of these trips. Ever been there?


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