Friday, October 14, 2011

Pandora's Box

via Bourbon & Pearls

How do you feel about a clear clutch? (Clancy's Clumsy Clear Clutch is Clearly Clandestine- say that five times fast!)

via Sketch42

At first thought, I was anti-clear bag. I just don't want people seeing all my shtuff, you know. However, Charlotte Olympia's Pandora Clutch comes with changeable inserts. So not only do you get to change up your bag colors and pattern, you also have a safe spot to keep all of your items confidential.

via Mash Moom

Or if you have stylish little travel bags you want to show off, leave out Charlotte's and use your own.

via Eclectic Jewelry & Fashion

If you're still questioning this purchase, keep in mind that it's cool enough for Olivia P...

via Upscale Hype

Then it's good enough for me...and you!

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