Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Collected Kitchen

What do you do when a client's kitchen needs a few updates to make it as modern as its neighboring rooms but any changes are probably a few years off? You've got to get creative...really creative.

The current conundrum: Upfitting an older kitchen that won't be updated any time soon to make it as cool as its dining room/sun room counterparts. Kitchens host so many surfaces and materials that are almost always hard and solid. Creating a beautiful, modern kitchen from scratch has quite a different set of challenges than making an outdated place look au courant. This kitchen I'm working on now boasts fun black and white tile flooring, butcher block and white porcelain tile countertops with a few blue and white tile accents. If that wasn't enough of a mix, we've got to tie in the pale pink that the dining room wall shares with the kitchen and eliminate the dark navy accents that actually do make some sense. What was I thinking??

My plan: Go with this eclectic mix and ram into it full force. We're going to up the amperage on the blue and white without paint and with ginger jars. They are unexpected in this space yet fully functional as countertop storage and will look just as good against the pale pink walls as they will with the backsplash's blue and white tiles. I'm also going to play with the black and white tile reference by adding some kitschy black floral throw pillows to the rattan bar stools. They will help make the space feel homey and luckily have a bit of blue and pink in them! Lastly, a few collectibles like china and artwork will be on display. I particularly am drawn to the Tobacco Leaf pattern because it does display so many fun and bright colors. It will seal the deal with every single color in the kitchen.

In the end, I think the result will be a really fun and personal space. It will be well collected, cozy and unlike most of the kitchen pins you'll see on Pinterest! In this day and age of unrealistic expectations, I think this space will challenge the notions of perfection and celebrate the charms of imperfection...with good taste, of course. Stay tuned (and cross your fingers for me)!

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  1. Celebrate the charms of imperfection!!! Cheers to that. Sounds like my kinda kitchen. <3


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