Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Golden Delicious

Welcome to the first day of fall! It's that time of year when we predictably see an onslaught of grey, black and navy clothing options. When you're a pale redhead, grey and black pretty much only look good on you in the dark. So imagine my delight when I noticed this year that, if you look very closely, there is actually some color out there!

Jenni Kayne (#1 and 3) and J.Crew (#2,4,5) images via Style.com
It seems that more than ever before we have a wide range of warm toned fall colors at our disposable. Burnt orange, tangerine, warm blush, antique rose and burgundy are just a few of the gorgeous fall tones designers gravitated toward for Fall 2014. The overall effect is one of optimism and happiness rather than the seriousness and somberness brought with typical black and grey. Ground your warm autumnal hues with olive green and camel to keep your look more modern and less crazy cat lady. For that very reason, I highly recommend NOT mixing patterns in these color families or you can quickly venture into "Revenge of the Nerds" status. Here are a few of my most coveted finds below...

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