Monday, September 29, 2014

Currently Coveting: Aerin Culloden Lamp
A good lamp is hard to find. Am I right, ladies? Sometimes you go looking so hard for THE ONE that you force the love and try to so hard to make it work. Then things just don't and you leave with regrets and shame...and maybe a smaller bank account. And then it happens. When you stop looking for it, you find THE ONE. There are so many factors that go into finding the right lighting for you: your lamp of choice has to be the proper height, width, color, and PRICE. I've seen many a beautiful lamp that costs well over $500...for just one lamp! I've also found great looking, affordable lamps that turn out to be 10" tall. Will there ever be a happy ending??

When Aerin Lauder rolled out her line of home furnishings, I instantly fell smitten with her pebbled Culloden Lamp. It was love at first sight. The beautiful blue watercolor scheme, the textured pebbled base, the glamorous gilded accents at the finial and had me at hello. And still, the gorgeous guy was a bit out of my reach with its $420-$515 price tag (depending where you shop). Imagine my delight today when fairy godmother Horchow included the Culloden Lamp, among other things, in its Finders Savers Event! Through tomorrow only, the lamp is 40% off!! Is this lamp cheap? Heck no. Smart girls know the value of a dollar. But it is a good deal...dare I say, a once in a lifetime deal...

How would I use the Culloden Lamp in my life, you ask? I would play up that pebbled texture, those gorgeous watercolor blues and the entire nature-at-its-most-glamorous vibe.

Horchow has tons of other great pieces included in this sale. Shop them below and let me know when you find the one to light up your life...wherever and whenever that may be.

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